H2 Awards – HyPER wins the Academic Excellence in Hydrogen Research and Innovation award.

The HyPER project was nominated and won the award for Academic Excellence in Hydrogen Research and Innovation at the inaugural H2 Awards in 2023, sponsored by HyDEX. HyPER was one of 7 projects to be nominated in this category.

During the ceremony, it was said “The head judge was extremely impressed with the outstanding quality and breadth of research and innovation demonstrated by all entries, and highly commends all of them, but the winner [HyPER] demonstrated a focusses research and pilot-scale development with good prospects of contributing to the hydrogen system, as well as application to different feedstocks. With excellent industrial collaborations already, the HyPER project technology is becoming increasingly commercially viable.

Winning this award is a fantastic achievement for Cranfield University’s HyPER project and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team. Our commitment to advancing hydrogen research and innovation is unwavering, and this award serves as recognition of our efforts in tackling the global challenge of decarbonization. We will continue to push the boundaries of hydrogen technology and work towards a sustainable future for generations to come.” – Dr Peter Clough

September 2022 – https://twitter.com/hyper_h2/status/1619093821392039936 (This video was too large for the site, but not for twitter apparently)

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Our Technical Project Manager Dr Tosin Adedipe has been awarded a well-deserved position as one of the Top 50 Women in Engineering 2022!

Dr Tosin Adedipe is the Technical Project Manager on the £8 million BEIS-funded project HyPER, under development at Cranfield University, to test an innovative hydrogen production technology that substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Tosin stepped up to be the HyPER Technical Project Manager during the pandemic and has single-handedly taken on responsibility for ensuring the vastly complex vessel and pipework materials specifications and orders for the project are managed and tracked.

Tosin said: “It is an absolute honour to have been nominated and selected as one of the outstanding women in Engineering. My team have been a huge support and I could not have achieved this without them. I hope this inspires more young, diverse women to become engineers or technicians that will provide solutions to energy and climate change problems.” 

Tosin was 1 of 5 from Cranfield University to be selected as a Top 50 Women in Engineering this year.

What happened this year and what’s in store for 2022?

This year, the HyPER project has gone from a spare patch of land on Cranfield University’s campus to being pilot-plant-ready, with all the supporting infrastructure in place and installed.

All the foundations have been installed and some of the packaged items have been installed, including the N2 tank and vaporisors from BOC, the air compressor package from Maziak, the water treatment package from Helical Energy, and the stack from Midtherm Engineering. Phase 1 of the electrical installation has been completed as well (performed by SJD).

We’ve also received delivery of many valves and components for the plant including the calciner coil and base from Helical Energy – which made quite a splash in the news:

So what’s next for 2022

All this progress on the ground is notwithstanding all the amazing engineering that’s happened in the background by our project partners Doosan Babcock and GTI. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get everything set up for the next phase of the build.

In 2022 we will be completing the construction of the pilot plant and our Principal Contractor Helical Energy will be on site ready to begin erecting the main pilot plant structure.

After the structure is up, piping, instrumentation and electrical will terminate their connections and we’ll be ready to press the ‘go for testing’ button. The HyPER team is eagerly awaiting that moment!

We’ll be sharing progress updates with you as we continue the build, so do keep in touch.

For now Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Sorry, we had an issue with our camera which lost the footage for a number few weeks which is why the video is very short this time.

Dr Peter Clough and Dr Tosin Adedipe were featured within a series of videos for This is Engineering Day 2021.

Watch what they have to as here: